Chicken Caesar Salad




No Dressing

Extra Blue Cheese Dressing $1.00

Extra Caesar Dressing $1.00

Extra Citrus Vinaigrette $1.00

Extra Balsamic Vinaigrette $1.00

Extra Cilantro Lime Dressing $1.00

Grilled Chicken $5.00

Crispy Chicken $5.00

Fried Shrimp $6.00

Sauteed Garlic Shrimp $6.00

Candied Bacon $2.99

Jalapeno Popper $2.99

Fried Egg $1.00

Tomatoes $0.50

Cucumber $0.50

Carrots $0.50

Red Pepper $0.50

Red Onion $0.50

Cilantro $0.50

Tortilla Crisps $0.50

Croutons $0.50

Avocado $2.00

No Cheese on Salad

Add Cheddar $1.00

Add Blue Cheese $1.00

Add Swiss $1.00

Add Provolone $1.00

Add Mozzarella $1.00



Enjoy a great salad, whether you’re in the mood for grilled or crispy chicken breast, with romaine lettuce and parmesan cheese. And what’s a Caesar without croutons? Here they are, just waiting to top off your bowl of goodness.


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